Survey Saturn aims to provide the better management of data gathered in the field using app base technology. Our products works offline in the field and collects all the data during the survey and allow users to send the data whenever data connection is available. Survey Saturn is a product of Kalpvaig © Technologies.


Our Product saves time and money at least 5x than the traditional pen paper survey. Survey Saturn is developed in collaboration with some of the best companies having issues in traditional method of data collection or having tough time in understanding the other tools available in the market.


ODK central offline/online with custom visulization dashboard.


Why choose us

Fast & Reliable

One of our main objective is to provide survey app/software within time period and with all the required features. So that you can focus on survey rather than tech.

Data Security

We use latest technology with encryption and other secuirty measures so that your data dont get into wrong hands.

24*7 Customer Support

We have 24 Hour resolution policy, We provide solution for any issue within 24 hour so that we can save cost and time.

Data Management

We provide tools for data visulization and management. So that user can easily work with data.

Get your custom survey app and start collecting field data.